What is Tik Tok?

TikTok is one of the most popular and interesting social media apps on the internet but it still has to enter the lexicon of most average users. Originally musicaly.ly, it is a video app that allows users to take videos of themselves which are around 15 seconds in length and in a continuous loop and upload them on the app for the world to see. The app is available for Android and iOS users and is one of the biggest social apps with over 300 million active users. It is owned by a China-based company called ByteDance who are known for creating innovative platforms powered by machine technology.

What is the essence of Tik Tok?

TikTok oftenly referred to as lip-syncing app makes music sound like some karaoke experience. The closest comparison of TikTOK would be vine. It is home to standard lip-syncing and is actually better known for its act-out memes which are backed by music as well as other sound clips which often get reproduced endlessly and remixed among its users. Collaboration is one of the greatest incentives of the app where individuals can do a duet by replying to their videos and creating a split screen thus feeding endless users through a chain of reactions. The users can also upload their own video so that the sound it can be possible to lip-sync into the video of someone else.

All these features make TitTok extremely fun to use and this explains why its popularity has grown massively. In 2018, TiTok surpassed internet giants like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat in its monthly installations in the App store since it was downloaded more that a billion times. It is smaller than Facebook in terms of the number of active users however, it is far ahead of Twitter, and Snapchat. This has been translated to massive success for its parent company ByteDance since it has surpassed Uber as the worlds most valuable startup with a valuation of more than $75 billion.


On the surface TikTok doesn’t look any different from the litany of other video-centric social media apps that have come before it such as Dubsmash, Vine or Snapchat. It has a similar share of pitfalls in terms of privacy and online creeps as well as similar assets where it has created its own language of comedy like vine. It has a sophisticated array of sounds and visual effects as well as algorithm that makes watching binge quite irresistible.

It is an app that was developed with an intent of a simple mission which is singing as well as dancing to music. Being good at TikTok requires an immense amount of practice. Some of its most popular videos are quite laborious to produce.

Where did it come from?

TikTok is an extremely popular lip-syncing app that is very identical to Musical.ly in very diverse ways and was launched in2014 by Chinese entrepreneurs Luyu Yang and Alex Zhu. It was then acquired for around $1 billion by a Beijing-based company known as ByteDance in 2017. By 2018, it had already absorbed Musical.ly with all its accounts.

Despite the popularity of the app as well as the unprecedented valuation of the parent company, celebrities have been very slow in getting on the app. Some of the celebrities who have accounts on TikTok include Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer.

TikTok is an app for normies and the act of scrolling through the TikTok will shift you into a world of regular worlds of regular American teenagers whose videos possess thousands of likes as well as hundreds of supportive comments. As much as the number of videos views of TikTok are only available to the original poster, once they end up in the “For You” page you will receive between 50,000 to 1 million likes.it has been praised by the new York times due to its pleasant social network that is in existence ad-free, news-free interface and the only successor to Vine.

Why TikTok?

The kind of reputation that TikTok enjoys on the internet is quite phenomenal. The App has the most cringe-inducing content. To a generation of cynical internet users, the videos on TikTok is purely a target for ridicule. TikTok is not like Instagram where you will find a lot of filtered and curated photos. With TikTok the users simply simulate Karaoke and broadcast the videos to millions of potential audiences on the internet.


Like any other form of social media TikTok has its own unique form of threat ranging from bullying to sexist content. It only allows users above the age of 13 however it doesn’t have foolproof restriction. Hence just like any other app it is home to a fair share of creeps.

There are security concerns associated with the app especially among kids who unwittingly expose their full names, phone numbers and address on public videos. They noted that most of these accounts received creepy messages from adults especially young girls. In 2017, a news segment exposed a story of a stranger who tried to solicit a young girl to send her shirtless photos. In response to such acts TikTok has tried to block the accounts of such users however it is still a great challenge.

What parents need to know

Tik Tok is an app that is very popular among teens and the elderly around the globe. It is very possible to find mature content on the stream but thankfully the app has a privacy setting where you can decide as to whether to set your account to private where you get to choose who can view your content, send a message or leave content.

Teens who enjoy making videos will find TikTok to be very resourceful. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that they talk to their children about the importance of appropriate behavior online and enlighten them on the kind of content that is appropriate to post online. Nonetheless, TikTok can be used as a tool for education and entertainment.