What Is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud provides an online platform for the distribution of audio. It also allows sharing of music. It helps people to upload their audios online and share them. The audio can be promoted to gain a large amount of likes or views. It came into the online world in the year 2007. It was created by Alexander Ljung with Eric Wahlforss. Soundcloud has become a widely famous audio providing service in the world of marketing. Soundcloud provides subscription and membership on either free or paid basis. It can be accessed on desktop and mobile phones also. It has provided a platform for new budding artists and has made them a star in the world. The success of soundcloud is supported by the various investors and supporters.  Soundcloud was created and founded in Berlin in the month of August in the year 2007 by a designer of sound based in Sweden. It was designed to give musicians a chance to the first record and then share their pieces of music. It also allows publishing of distribution of new music.

Basic features of soundcloud

It provides the ability to its users so that they can upload their recorded music files with URLs unique for each and every one of them and hence allow their publicity in other online platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram and even YouTube. People with membership are provided with the service of listening unlimited amount of music with a great variety. A person who wishes to upload his or her audio piece has the limit of one hundred and eighty minutes of that recording. Distribution of music is also a service provided by soundcloud by taking the help of apps which can be put on their personal websites or pages. The representation of the audio by the soundcloud is done by using a wave like presentation. People are given the permission to comment their views on various portions of the music piece, even at specific time. The posted comments are then shown to the viewer whenever that portion of audio plays. People enjoying are allowed to even like, download, share and repost the audio. A playlist can also be created based on the music liked by the user. But, all these services are available only when the uploader grants the permission to do so. No just individuals, but companies and brands also create soundcloud playlists as a branch of what they represent. Everything from adult companies like fuckbuddy hookups to dating app companies like bumble and okcupid utilize the music service to cultivate a richer brand connection.

Various places where soundcloud is accessible

  • Mobile phones

Two types of apps of mobiles are provided by soundcloud; the main app of soundcloud focuses its services towards the finding of new music, online streaming of the audio, allows the formation of playlists and also gives some sharing options. The second one of the two soundcloud apps is a kind of platforms for creators of music or audio file. It permits these users to upload and control their audio file activity by checking the number of likes it gets or the comments people gave, etc. The music uploaders can even reply to the various comments they have got for their audio work.

  • Laptops or computers

Soundcloud founders know the fact that a large number of our population uses computers and laptops even more than phones, so they have again and again tried to create a desktop friendly app or software so that their services can be accessed on the systems. But after so many attempts of making an app for computers they have not succeeded in making a specific desktop centered app till now. On the date of January 6 in the year 2011, soundcloud created an app for desktop known as soundcloud app for Macintosh desktops.It contains the feature of creating playlists of liked audio files, but the playlist can only be created where the owner of the file had allowed the other people to like and share his or her audio file This app for desktop like systems was after sometime rejected for using purposes. The main reason behind this rejection was the non availability of processes and techniques to maintain and update this app in both desktops and mobile phones. Finally, in the month of May of 2017, soundcloud came to make public a brand new app designed especially for the set of Xbox One. It was published as the founding root of the version of beta laptop or desktop systems that were scheduled to bring in public notice in some later the same month of May. The small errors were then rectified and the next updated version was also released and became popular among the people.