Face App Explained

What is face app? It is an application of photo morphing that uses artificial intelligence to transforms the face looks like frightening , unnatural, hilarious, and at few times fascinating alterations to faces. In order to get photos morphed the application picks the images from your library or else you can take a snap with in the app.

How Does Face App Work?

  • Once you download the app, open the app all you have to do is image edit of yours, the service of this app is required to pick a picture from your gallery or take a picture as selfie and then apply filter on it.
  • This application has many features of changing the face as it takes the help of artificial intelligence

Cyber Security Concerns

  • This application has created much anxiety and excitement, which has become passion , craze among crowd since the last few days across all social media platform this in return reminds the similar app Prisma which was universally trendy a few years back,
  • Drawback of this app is there were many scandals of this face app has given a take away asking queries on the privacy of voluntarily giving away all your facial data while using this app.


  1. It is natural that you feel become happy once you see yourself in mirror if you get ready for any occasion likewise this app created in such a way that once you upload/ capture image and the change which you can see yourself (image) after few years in such a handsome or beautiful look in app.
  2. Once you post a picture of your old age the one which you got changed in any social media platform you will receive such a pleasure and some comments.
  3. It is fun making app where in people enjoy themselves look older and forwarding face app challenge to one another .Over all this application is changing the perception of beauty.
  4. Change in looks in many ways extremely beautiful and delicate ,like if have scars on your face, pimples, dark skin, black spots isn’t something beautiful and can’t be embraced.


  1. It’s a talk of people having been said that privacy of this app might be at risk of uploading your pictures.
  2. Excitement of this app has made people forget themselves without thinking much about posting their pictures where in they are following the world and neglecting their own identity.
  3. Recently it has gone through many issues which were not communicated clear but heard as this app uploads images to the cloud instead of processing it locally on a user’s device.
  4. In short this app has no efficiency, different opinion of people finding it as an utter waste of time and energy.